Our Team

Swaali is a small team of eight people - an even mix of youthful exuberance and experienced professionals.
Surana Dutta (aka Rana)
Managing Everything
With a 30 year background in sales and logistics, Surana is your go to guy for any and all conflict resolutions. Hailing from Bengal, he has a massive sweet tooth and a never-give-up spirit. Get in touch with him on sd@swaali.com
Jaldeep (aka JK)
Getting Everything Done
He is a go-getter with an encyclopedic know-how on production and procurement. Not only does he manage production, he is also capable of procuring anything, from anywhere, at whatever cost. Email him on jk@swaali.com
Dharm (aka Paul)
Sales Extraordinaire
A Nepali by birth but Nigerian by experience, Paul is accessible and easy to reach out to for whatever you desire from Swaali. He can be reached via Whatsapp on +971568562204
Online Sales Wiz and Customization King
Want a design but in a different colour? Want to make a bulk order? Prem is your go-to guy. He is available on Whatsapp on +917045030875 or via Email on prem@swaali.com
Digital Marketer and Online Sales Big Wig
Get in touch with David for all wholesale enquiries, promos and deals. Standing at 6 feet tall, his offers are as tall as he is. Whatsapp him on +971509960264 or Email him on david@swaali.com  
Logistics Coordinator
Shipment not reached yet? Want to arrange special delivery? Martin's your guy. He can be reached on martin@swaali.com
Propagator of Creative Vibes
Takes the pictures? Check! Designs our promos? Check! Responsible for posting your images on our social media pages? Check! Knows everything about fabrics? Err. Nope. Get in touch with Ansab on ansab@swaali.com
Order Processing
The youngest member of our team, Justin is responsible for you getting your order on time and in ship shape. He can be reached on justin@swaali.com